How We Rate the Hikes

We rate trails with an eye to the average hiking visitor to Sedona with safety in mind. Only you know your fitness abilities, so we take a conservative approach to trail rating. Easy means everybody should be able to safely complete it. A trail with a Moderate rating will require more effort, but hikers in decent physical condition should be able to enjoy them. Hard rated trails are just that. They are hard/difficult to complete. They might be very long trails or they might require traversing steep grades. None of the trails we cover will require rock climbing. With proper preparation the average hiker can complete some of the hard trails. A trail might be rated moderate for example, because it has an optional feature that can be more difficult. Fay Canyon is easy unless you decide to get up to the arch, so it gets a moderate rating. Your choice, but that is the moderate part of the hike. We try to be more specific and detailed in the trail descriptions to help you decide.

The key is knowing your abilities. Hike an easy trail and work your way up. And always be safe and prepared!