About Sedona Hiking
We love to hike! Redrocks, mountains in Colorado, we love it. Sadly between work-a-day living, traveling distances, and all that life stuff we don't get enough chances to enjoy nature on the hoof.

A few years ago we were on a short day trail near Breckenridge Colorado. I was smart enough (or so I thought) to bring a GPS device. What could go wrong, right? To make a long story short the GPS device didn't know anything about the trail and we were going on word of mouth directions. After a couple hours into our hike we sensed a longer hike than we bargained for. We asked a fellow hiker who explained we were on our way to the summit of Quandry peak. A simple wrong turn. The GPS device showed us some nice statistics but no maps. We got to 13,800 feet before the weather sent us back down the mountain (we've since been to the top).

I have tried using my phone as a hiking aid but when I run out of cellular service, I run out of maps. The trails are not on the maps anyway. What is needed is a GPS device, with the trail maps. Hence the inspiration behind the Sedona Hiking App. I want to be able to see the trail and area, I want to know where I am, and seeing points of interest on the trail map is a huge plus. Well, I believe we've put it all together in one place for use with your Android device, phone or better yet a perfect fit on a 7 inch tablet. Use the app to download the trail maps ahead of time. You will get directions to the trail head, with network service you can get Google directions and maps from Sedona or your current location right to the trail head. Once you arrive at the trail head just enable "My Location" in the app (and make sure the GPS is turned on in your device) and once the GPS gets a fix you can follow your progress on the trail. Views and points of interest are marked on the trail map. Most importantly you will not end up someplace you didn't intend to go!

About Sedona Arizona
Sedona Arizona USA is an area rich in beauty and history. Sedona was named after Sedona Arabelle Miller Schnebly (1877 to 1950). She was the wife of Theodore Carlton Schnebly, the city's first postmaster. Sedona's main attraction is the hiking and breathtaking red rock formations. The scenery varies around every rock and bush. From first sun to evening set, the colors and feel keep changing. There are hundreds of trails to explore taking you from pine forests to near-desert habitat.

About Vortexes
The Sedona area has special meaning and significance to new-age adherents. The Vortex sites are said to channel the earth's energy and adherents can be found meditating at these sites of power. The Sedona area has a rich history of native American habitation. The area has been home to the Anasazi, Hohokam and Sinaqua people. They have left reminders of their presence in the way of cave drawings and dwellings can still be seen today. We have noted the Vortex sites in the app or take a guided tour. Check out some vortex tours in Sedona.