Rating : Moderate
Distance : 1.6 Miles, Approx. 1 Hour.
House of Apache Fire Trail is a loop trail within Red Rock State Park trail system. A fee is required to enter, but gorgeous scenery and other trails make it worthwhile day. The House of Apache Fire, built by Jack and Helen Frye in 1947 was named for the smoke from the campfires of the Yavapai Apache employed in the construction of the house. The Trail rises an easy 100 feet in elevation as it makes its way to the House of Apache Fire. You will cross a bridge over Oak Creek and be able to sit on a bench and enjoy a viewpoint of rock formations and mountains in the distance during the hike. We measured a 101 foot elevation change. Shares a trailhead area with Bunkhouse, Eagle's Nest, Kisva, Smoke, and Yavapai Trails.