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A. B. Young TrailHard4.8 Miles, Approx 4 hrs.A strenuous, but fun trail with 30 switchbacks up the west side of Upper Oak Creek Canyon. You will rock hop across Oak Creek to start and finish at a fire lookout tower. If manned you may be able to go up inside the tower for impressive views of Mt. Wilson and Humphreys. If not, the views at the top are still grand. We measured a 2044 foot elevation change.
Adobe Jack TrailModerate4 miles, Approx 3 hours.Adobe Jack Trail is one of seven of the newest trails close to Sedona with fantastic red rock views and a hike that takes you to a creek bed. The up and down terrain of the trail ends at the Jordan Trail junction, where only a few feet to the left of the trail marker is the devil's kitchen sink hole. You will be close to the property line of homes on this trail, so if you want seclusion try one of the back country trails. We measured a 167 foot elevation change. Shares trailhead area with Crusty, Grand Central, Javelina, Ant Hill and Powerline Plunge trails.
Aerie TrailModerate5.8 miles, Approx 3.5 hours.A nice hike around the Northern side of Doe Mountain with views across to Bear Mountain. This moderate hike will end in the Boynton Canyon trailhead parking lot. We measured a 206 foot elevation difference. Shares a trailhead (northern) area with Boynton Canyon trail.
Airport Loop TrailModerate3.5 miles, Approx 2.5 hrs360 degrees of breathtaking, fabulous red rock views on top of Airport Mesa. Shares trail head area with Overlook Point and Brewer Trail.
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Allens Bend TrailEasy.7 miles, Approx time 30 minutesAllens Bend Trail Features: Walk along a canyon wall overhang of gorgeous red rock; see gigantic boulders; walk the creek bed with canyon walls on both side. Good hot weather trail.
Andante TrailEasy1.2 miles, Approx 1 hr 15 minA wonderful trail for taking in desert scrub, observing birds, and viewing the magnificent Thunder Mountain in a short amount of time.
Ant Hill LoopModerate4.6 miles RT, approx 2 hours.Start in the cool steam bed and work your way through the gorgeous trees to Ant Hill Loop. You can then admire the red rock formations on your 360 degree hike around this loop trail. The trailhead is close to the Sedona Circle, so it is very easy to access. We measured a 300 foot elevation change. Shares trailhead area with Crusty, Grand Central and Powerline Plunge trails.
Apache Maid TrailHard8.4 Miles, Approx 4.5 hours.This hike starts on Bell Trail along Wet Beaver Creek Canyon where you will see the flowing water of Beaver Creek. You then make a steep climb up the north wall of the canyon with views of redrock on the lower strata with lava rock on top. We measured an approx. 1268 foot elevation change. With a second car for pick up you could hike another 3 miles to end near the lookout tower on Apache Maid Mountain. We stopped at the peak for views and returned to the trailhead parking area. Shares trailhead area with White Mesa and Bell trails.
Arizona Cypress TrailModerate5.5 Miles, Approx 3 Hours, 10 MinsArizona Cypress Trail is a gentle hike with small elevation change. You will cross Dry Creek a number of times and go through an interesting Arizona Cypress forest where you can distinguish the trees by their gray green foliage and rough shredding gray brown bark. This shares a trailhead area with Two Fences Trail. There is approx an 80 foot elevation change.
Baldwin TrailModerate2.1 Miles, Approx 1 hour.Baldwin Trail is family friendly, rich in beautiful views for photo opportunities. It is less difficult than most moderate trails. It starts close to Oak Creek and will take you between Cathedral Rock and a redrock butte with a wide variety of different views and gradual elevations. Even the drive there is gorgeous.
Bear Mountain TrailHard5 Miles, Approx 5 HoursOne of the harder, but most enjoyable hikes in Sedona. You will look up to false summits before actually seeing and hiking to the top of Bear Mountain. The views are spectacular all the way up, including a view of Mount Humphreys once you reach the summit. Shares trail head area with Doe Mountain.
Bear Sign TrailModerate7.7 Miles, Approx 4 hours 40 mins.Bear Sign Trail reminds us of West Fork Trail with very few hikers. It follows a streambed to the base of the Mongollon Rim. The trail climbs gradually uphill until you reach the end of a box canyon. You are surrounded by dense vegetation and redrock buttes as you cross the streambed multiple times in one of the most secluded hikes in the area. A High clearance vehicle is recommended. Shares trail head area with Vultee Arch Trail.
Beaverhead Route TrailHard3 Miles, Approx 2 hours.Beaverhead Route Trail is rich in history, used by the Hopis, explorers, the military, and stage lines. This was the only wagon road route from Sedona to Flagstaff until Schnebly Hill Road was built in 1902. You will encounter small loose rocks as you ascend and large rocks at the top. This trail has very difficult footing and would be hard to do in hot weather. You will hike dark volcanic rock and sandy areas. The views from the top are nice, but not as spectacular as the redrock views closer to Sedona. With limited time try other trails first. We measured an 813 foot elevation change.
Bell Rock TrailModerate.7 miles or longer if you explore, Approx 30 minBell Rock is a vortex site with fabulous views overlooking the entire Sedona area. Approx 200 foot elevation change. It shares a trailhead area with Templeton Trail.
Big Park Loop TrailModerate2.6 mile loop. Approx 1 Hour 20 minsStarting in the Village of Oak Creek, this loop trail is a side trail of Bell Rock Pathway. You will have a nice view of the back side of Bell Rock and hike along the base of Courthouse Butte. Other points of interest are a large dry creek bed and slick rock area. Shares trailhead area with Courthouse Butte Trail. There is aprox a 50 foot elevation change.
Birthing Cave TrailEasy1.0 miles. 2 miles round trip. Spend time at the cave.This is a simple and easy trail to visit a pretty interesting cave rock formation. The name Birthing Cave is a bit misleading as we do not think it was used a place to give birth. Once you get there you will better understand how it got its name. We measured a 380 foot elevation change.
Boynton Canyon TrailModerate6.4 miles, Approx 3 Hours 15 Mins.A very popular trail close to town that gives you the variety of hiking through desert terrain before hiking into Boynton Canyon’s extensive forest. You will be treated to beautiful towering cliffs. Boynton Canyon Vista area is considered a Vortex site. This shares a trailhead area with Boynton Canyon Vista and Deadman Pass trails. There is an approx. a 660 foot elevation change.
Boynton Canyon Vista TrailEasy1.2 miles, Approx 1 hr 30 minStunning views of redrock formations and Boynton Canyon from the easy to reach saddle on this short hike. A vortex site. We measured a 200 ft elevation change. Shares a trailhead area with Deadman Pass and Boynton Canyon trails.
Brewer TrailModerate2 Miles, Approx 1 hour 30 minutes.Brewer Trail has magnificent views from a rock ledge at airport mesa. You get 180 degree beauty to behold. You will also see a large old stone water tank. This trail descends first, so be ready for an uphill climb back to the trail head. Shares trail head area with Airport Loop and Overlook Point.
Brins Mesa East TrailModerate5.5 miles, Approx 3 hrsEnjoy magnificent views as you climb to the mesa and hike around the eastern rim to spectacular red rock formations. A favorite! Shares a trail head with Jim Thompson and Cibola Pass/Jordan Loop.
Broken Arrow TrailModerate3.0 miles, Approx 2 hrs 20 minOffering views of a sink hole along the way, this trail is a favorite for bikers and hikers as it ends at scenic Chicken Point with stunning views of red rock spires. We measured a 384 ft elevation change. Updated 11/16.
Bunkhouse TrailEasy.8 of a Mile RT, Approx 30 Mins.Bunkhouse Trail is an easy, almost all level trail in Red Rock State Park that connects you to other trails. You will get a great view of Cathedral Rock in the distance as well as crossing over Oak Creek on a walking bridge. There is a fee to enter Red Rock State Park, but all the gorgeous views are worth it. Shares a trailhead area with Eagle's Nest, Kisva, Smoke, Yavapai and Apache Fire Trails. We measured a 33 foot elevation change.
Carroll Canyon TrailModerate3.9 miles, Approx 2 hrs 20 minThe nicest cliff views of Carroll Canyon. This trail shares a trailhead area with Table Top, Old Post, Ridge and Bandit trails. Approx 150 foot elevation change.
Carruth TrailEasy.6 to 1 mile, Approx 40 minEasy and short trail in an urban setting with red rock views.
Casner Mountain TrailHard4 miles, Approx 3 hrs.Hike to the top of Casner Mountain overlooking Sycamore Canyon and the Sedona back country for wide sweeping views. Be sure to bring plenty of water and do not hike the south face of Casner on too hot a day, because you will be in sun during the entire hike. The views from the top make it a worthwhile endeavor indeed!
Cathedral Rock TrailHard1.4 miles, Approx 2 hoursA more challenging hike, it is worth it to behold the 360 degree panoramic view when you reach the saddle on Cathedral Rock. A vortex site.
Centennial TrailEasy1 Mile, Approx 40 minutesA paved hike for the whole family; children to grandparents. Look for the sun sparkling off small pieces of smooth glass left from when this area was the Sedona dump. It was built for Sedona's Centennial celebration in 2002. Now it has marked flora and a bench to sit and enjoy the gorgeous views. Shares a trailhead area with Girdner Trail.
Chapel TrailModerate4.2 miles, Approx 2 hrs 50 minScenic red rocks including Twin Buttes and a view of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Shares a trailhead area with H.T., Bell and Little Horse Trails. We measured a 288 foot elevation change.
Chimney Rock Pass TrailModerate1.8 miles, Approx 1 hr 30 minViews of Chimney Rock and other red rock formations. Shares trail head area with Thunder Mountain, Little Sugarloaf Summit and Lower Chimney Rock Trail.
Cibola Pass Jordan Loop TrailModerate2 miles, Approx 1 hr 30 minHiking to the Cibola Ridge through the trees while enjoying gorgeous views of red and white striated rock formations. Shares trail head with Jim Thompson and Brins Mesa East.
Cockscomb TrailModerate7.2 Miles, Approx 5.5 Hours.This trail takes you near the Cockscomb Formation, but not up to its top. You hike the base of Doe Mountain and see sites around Thunder Mountain and the Dry Creek area. We measured a 150 foot elevation change . Shares trailhead area with Fay Canyon and Rupp Trails.
Coffee Pot Rock TrailEasy2 to 2.5 miles, Approx 1 hr 40 minGreat view of Coffee Pot rock formation and you can explore the red rock cliffs around it. Shares trail head area with Sugarloaf Loop Summit Trail.
Cookstove TrailHard1.5 Miles, Approx 1.5 hours.Cookstove Trail climbs to an elevation of 6,600 feet in a distance of only .75 miles, so be prepared to hike mostly straight up from start to finish. This is a good hike in hot weather, because the temperature is cooler at the top and will you climb through the forest trees. You get treated to views of Oak Creek Canyon at the top. There is a 700 foot elevation change.
Courthouse Butte Loop TrailModerate4.3 miles, Approx 2 hours.You will see two of the most famous rock formations in Sedona on this hike, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock. Shares trailhead area with Big Park Loop Trail. There is approximately a 334 foot elevation change.
Cow Pies TrailEasy3 miles, Approx 45 min plus explore timeUnique cow pie red rock formations with stunning views all around the hike site and while driving to and from the trailhead. Trail head area right accross the road from Munds Wagon Trail and shares a Trailhead area with Mitten Ridge. A High clearance vehicle is recommended.
Crusty TrailEasy.6 of a mile. Approx 30 Mins.Crusty Trail is an connecting trail that will take you to Javelina or Grand Central Trails. It is one of seven newer trails in the Soldier Wash area close to Sedona. You will be below Hwy89A following a creek bed most of the hike. This is a beautiful hiking area, so you can combine this with part of Grand Central, Coyote and Adobe Jack to make a loop or hike Javelina for a longer hiking experience. We measured a 95 foot elevation change. Shares trailhead area with Ant Hill, Javelina, Grand Central and Powerline Plunge trails.
David Miller TrailHard6.3 or 7.3 Miles optional. Approx 4 hours.A little bit of everything on this remote hike. A flowing creek, hiking through thick forest vegetation, steep climbs, a view from the top of a canyon, and an alpine decent into Dry Creek crossings. To shorten this hike by one mile use two vehicles. A High clearance vehicle is recommended. Shares trail head area with Secret Canyon Trail.
Dawa TrailModerate2.6 miles, Approx 1.5 Hours.The Dawa is a loop trail close to Doe Mountain interwoven with 3 other trails. Dawa is relatively easy and has great scenic rewards as you walk through a thin, evergreen forest that will open up to spectacular views of the surrounding redrock mountains. The elevation change is approximately 150 feet.
Deadman Pass TrailModerate2.7 miles, Approx 2 hours 10 minsDeadman Trail climbs gradually to the base of Mescal Mountain, which can be seen to your right as you hike. The entire hike has beautiful formations to behold. Boynton Canyon walls and buttes are off to the left. This trail can be done at a leisurely pace without too much effort. Deadman Pass shares a trailhead area with Boynton Canyon and Boynton Canyon Vista trails. There is approx a 200 ft elevation change.
Devil's Bridge TrailModerate2 miles, Approx 2 hrsNatural Red Rock Bridge which is a spectacular sight. View it from below and from above where there is the added bonus of panoramic views of the area. We measured a 492 ft elevation change.
Doe Mountain TrailModerate2.4 miles, Approx 2 hoursA great trail offering spectacular views from the top of the Doe Mountain Mesa. There is a lot of flexibility in this hike as you can ascend and explore for hours or briefly, as your time allows. Shares a trail head area with Bear Mountain Trail.
Dogie TrailHard4 Miles, Approx 2 hours.Hike 2 miles one way to the Sycamore Pass Tank of this 5.4 mile difficult trail. You will view the remote Sycamore Basin wilderness area far from any crowds. The very scenic drive is 11 miles on dirt roads, with the last mile being rough. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. The trail has gorgeous, scenic redrock formations not visible from Sedona. The footing at times is difficult with loose rock to contend with. Do not try the entire 5.4 miles (10.8 round trip) unless you are a prepared hiker. The uphill elevation will be on the return hike making it even more difficult. Dogie has a 400 foot elevation change.
Eagle's Nest TrailModerate2.4 Miles, Approx 2 Hrs 15 Min.Eagle's Nest Trail has 3 scenic overlooks - Eagle's Nest, Redhawk, and Coyote Ridge. You will be able to take in the beauty of the entire Red Rock State Park area. It is vast and gorgeous. You will hike a bridge over Oak Creek. Take the time needed to enjoy your surroundings. Shares a trailhead area with Smoke Trail, Bunkhouse, Kisva and House of Apache Fire trails. We measured a 298 foot elevation change.
Fay Canyon TrailModerate2.4 miles, Approx 1 hr 30 minNice hike up Fay Canyon along creek. Red rock cliffs on the right and great views at the top. Interesting Arch if you take the turn off the trail.
Girdner TrailHard9.2 Miles Approx 5 hours.A delightful hike through Dry Creek Canyon. You will cross the creek bed about a dozen times. Starting off with red rock views before entering a juniper forest, you then follow the creek during the middle portion of the hike. The scenery is varied with a back country feel and nice sights along the creek banks. This is Moderate if you go one way, Hard if you go the 9.2 miles round trip. Shares a Trailhead area with Centennial Trail. We measured a 377 foot change in elevation.
Grand Central TrailModerate5 miles, Approx 2.5 Hrs.One of seven newer trails in the Soldier Wash area, Grand Central Trail has tremendous red rock views close to Sedona. Do alone or combine with other hikes in the area. You will see some beautiful views overlooking Sedona neighborhoods. A great hike if you have limited hiking time. We measured a 383 foot elevation change. Shares trailhead area with Crusty, Adobe Jack, Javelina and Powerline Plunge and Ant Hill trails.
H. T. TrailEasy2.6 Miles, Approx 1 hour 30 mins.Easy, close to Sedona, with views of Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and other must see formations. H. T. stands for highway tunnel. You will go through a short tunnel under Hwy 179, walk an old jeep trail, and cross a streambed before reaching the end of the trail. Shares a trailhead area with Chapel and Little Horse trails. We measured a 158 foot elevation change.
Harding Spring TrailHard1.4 miles, Approx 2 hrsGrand views of Upper Oak Creek Canyon from the top of the east wall of the canyon. You will feel on top of the world! Harding Spring Trail is a short, but strenuous hike. Take it slow and it is worth the effort.
Herkenham TrailModerate3.4 miles, Approx 1 hour 30 mins.Herkenham Trail is a quick, moderate hike that goes through loose rock and has cactus and brush lining the trail, so be sure to wear closed toed shoes. You will see an expansive view on the trail, but this would not be a hike to do if you have limited time in the area. The view is fine, but the trail itself is not one of the best.
Hog Heaven TrailModerate3.0 Miles RT, approx 2 hours 30 mins.This new trail is delightful from start to finish. You will see beautiful flora and rock formations on your trip around two buttes to the top of a level slick rock area with some of the best views around. Explore once you get to the top! The first few hundred feet look daunting, but is actually easier than it looks and worth the effort. We measured a 272 foot elevation change. Hog Heaven shares a trail head with Mystic-Pigtail trails.
Honanki Ruins TrailEasy.6 Mile loop, 50-60 MinsCliff dwelling ruins with pictographs made by the Sinagua (ancestors of the Hopi) from 1100 AD to 1300 AD. You will have an exceptional experience viewing the ruins as well as a beautiful drive to the trail. The Honanki site is run by the US Forest Service and is open during specific hours of operation. You will need a red rock pass to park.
Hot Loop TrailHard6 Miles, Approx 4 hours.This is a 6 mile round trip hike to the top of Horse Mesa with views from the north rim and back down. Hiked together with Jacks Canyon Trail it is a 22 mile loop. Hot Loop Trail goes another 6.9 miles from where we stop into the rugged Munds Mountain Wilderness. This strenuous and at times rocky hike has spectacular views from the top with beautiful slickrock areas on the way up making it well worth the effort. We measured a 812 foot elevation change.
House of Apache Fire TrailModerate1.6 Miles, Approx. 1 Hour.House of Apache Fire Trail is a loop trail within Red Rock State Park trail system. A fee is required to enter, but gorgeous scenery and other trails make it worthwhile day. The House of Apache Fire, built by Jack and Helen Frye in 1947 was named for the smoke from the campfires of the Yavapai Apache employed in the construction of the house. The Trail rises an easy 100 feet in elevation as it makes its way to the House of Apache Fire. You will cross a bridge over Oak Creek and be able to sit on a bench and enjoy a viewpoint of rock formations and mountains in the distance during the hike. We measured a 101 foot elevation change. Shares a trailhead area with Bunkhouse, Eagle's Nest, Kisva, Smoke, and Yavapai Trails.
Huckaby TrailModerate6.5 Miles Approx 4.5 Hours RTLeaving a car at each end, you can hike from the Schnebly Hill Trailhead to under the Midgley Bridge for a spectacular hike in half the time. Treat yourself to views around Sedona. You will cross Oak Creek twice and take in the gorgeous views by the bridge. Shares a trailhead area with Schnebly Hill and Munds Wagon Trails. We measured a 243 foot elevation change.
Jack's Canyon TrailModerate6 Miles, Approx 3 hours.A hike for a cooler day. The trail follows an 1890s cattle trail into back country, but the first mile of the trail is open with a view of a subdivision across the road. The views improve from there, but you are without tree cover until the last .5 miles as you hike the scenic canyon floor. The trail runs another 3.8 miles from where we stopped to the top of the Mogollon Rim, which is too far for a comfortable day hike. Be prepared for a hard hike if you do the entire trail going up 1,200 feet to the top of the Mogollon Rim. We measured a 417 foot elevation change. Jacks Canyon shares a trailhead area with Rabbit Ears Trail.
Javelina TrailModerate4 Miles, Approx 1 Hour and 45 mins.Javelina is one of seven of the newest trials in the Red Rock District by the Soldier Wash Area. It is the easternmost of the new trails that interlace for breathtaking red rock views close to Sedona for easy access. It connects to Grand Central Trail at the south near SR89a and ends at Jordan Trail. We measured a 308 foot elevation change. Shares trailhead area with Crusty, Coyote, Ant Hill, Grand Central and Powerline Plunge trails.
Jim Thompson TrailModerate7 miles, Approx 4 hoursThis trail travels on an old road built by Jim Thompson in the 1880s. Nice views of Red Rock cliffs and near the base of Steamboat Rock. Shares a trail head with Brins Mesa East and Cibola Pass/Jordan Loop.
Kel Fox TrailModerate4 Miles, Approx 2 hours.Kel Fox can start on the south end if you have a high clearance vehicle and drive to Fuller Tank or hike up for a 7 mile hike round trip. We recommend starting on the North End at a Village of Oak Creek subdivision, where there is a Trailhead sign for a 4 mile hike up and back. You will cross a creek bottom and hike to an earth dam at Fuller's Tank surrounded by volcanic peak views. Not a very popular hike, the longer distance takes you through cattle grazing areas. Kel Fox was a rancher in the area. We measured a 472 foot elevation change. A High clearance vehicle is recommended if using the South trailhead.
Kisva TrailEasy2.4 Miles, Approx 1 hour 30 mins.The Kisva Trail (Kisva is Hopi for Shady Water), is a connector trail that runs the width of the Red Rock State Park's trail system. It joins Eagle's Nest Trail, Apache Fire Loop Trail and Yavapai Ridge Trail. A fee will be required to enter Red Rock State Park. We measured a 112 foot elevation change. Kisva shares a trailhead area with Eagle's Nest, Bunkhouse, Smoke, Yavapai and Apache Fire Trails.
Little Horse TrailModerate3.8 miles, Approx 40 minLook up to see Little Horse Rock Formation and end up on Chicken Point where the pink jeep tours are. You will also walk on red rock ledges and see surrounding vista views. We measured a 403 foot elevation change. Shares a trailhead area with Bell, H.T. and Chapel Trails.
Little Sugarloaf Summit TrailModerate.8 mile, Approx 1 hourShort, fun, but a slightly steep hike to the base of Little Sugarloaf Summit where you can view Sedona and the surrounding area. Close to town, so it is easy to do if you do not have much time but want to take in the panoramic view of beautiful red rock formations. Shares trail head area with Thunder Mountain, Chimney Rock Pass and Lower Chimney Rock Trail
Llama TrailEasy5.8 miles both ways, Approx 3 hoursView twin buttes, Lee Mountain, Llama Rock Formation, Courthouse Butte, and Bell Rock on this easy but long hike, which is also a bike path. You will see natural rock water pools by the creek bed. For a one way hike use 2 vehicles and start at Little Horse Trail parking area and end at Bell Rock Pathway in the Bell Rock parking area.
Long Canyon TrailModerate7.4 Miles, Approx 4 hoursStunning cliff views with vast open landscape of the Sedona area contrasted with hiking through alpine vegetation canopies all in one hike, but be prepared for helicopter noise touring those same gorgeous cliffs.
Lost Canyon TrailModerate2 Miles, Approx 1.5 hours.Indian ruins and caves. Great views and trails along cliffs. A High clearance vehicle is recommended.
Lower Chimney Rock TrailEasy1.3 Miles, Approx 45 minThis is an easy hike close to downtown with a wide trail to follow. You will hike a loop around Little Sugarloaf Mountain taking in the views. If you have limited time and would like to experience one of the many Sedona Trails this one is for you. Shares trail head area with Thunder Mountain, Little Sugarloaf Summit and Chimney Rock Pass Trails.
Lower Raptor Hill TrailModerate4.6 Miles, Approx. 2 1/2 Hrs.You will pay a fee at Dead Horse State Park in cottonwood where there are a number of trails. Lower Raptor will give you white rock views unlike the usual Sedona Area redrock. The best views will be behind you as you climb of Verde Valley. You will also see Tuzigoot National Monument from afar and an old cabin on this trail. We measured an elevation change of 450 feet.
Loy Canyon TrailHard8-10 Miles, Approx 4-6 Hrs.A remote hike to the top of the Mogollon Rim. There will be initial creek bed crossings, so do not try when the water is running high. Next comes a forest hike until the 4 mile one way point. If you want a serious work out continue the "stairs" and climb to an open viewpoint at about 6000 feet. The last mile climbs 1000 feet to the end of Loy Canyon. We measured a 1773 ft elevation change.
Margs Draw TrailModerate3.8 Miles, Approx 2 hoursThis easy to reach hike has many distinctive features: Crimson Cliffs, Munds Mountain, Lee Mountain, famous Snoopy Rock and a large washed out section similar to a sinkhole, but where water would continue to flow in wet times. You may even see some mountain lion prints. The panoramic views and the view of Sedona are stunning.
Mescal-Deadman TrailModerate2.8 miles, approx. 2.5 hours one way.This trail features a great trip around Mescal Mountain and the views are fantastic. We picked the Long Canyon trailhead to break Mescal into two hikes. We call this one Mescal-Deadman and the southern hike Mescal-Devils Bridge. Download them both for a full day adventure. We measured a 197 foot elevation change.
Mescal-Devils Bridge TrailModerate4 miles, approx. 3.5 hours, round tripFantastic scenery on your way to Devils Bridge and quite the experience once you do. Go in off season or week day as Devils Bridge gets very crowded. We picked the Long Canyon trailhead to break Mescal into two hikes. We call this one Mescal-Devils Bridge and the northern hike Mescal-Deadman. Download them both for a full day adventure. We measured an elevation change of 443 feet.
Mitten Ridge TrailModerate3 Miles, Approx 1 hour 30 minsYou will climb to a wide ledge on Mitten Ridge for fabulous views of Sedona, Midgley Bridge, and the Schnebly Hill redrock area. A personal favorite. The hardest part is navigating ledges and a slickrock gap area to the top. Well worth the effort! A High clearance vehicle is recommended. Shares a Trailhead area with Cow Pies.
Munds Wagon TrailHard7.6 Miles, Approx 4 hours.Hike up Schnebly Hill following portions of the old historic Schnebly Hill wagon road with an elevation gain of about 1,050 feet. This long but scenic trail has it all! Red rocks to the north, white cliffs to the south, views of the Cow Pies and the Merry-Go-Round which is a large red rock mound surrounded by a flat, white, limestone path; a natural roadway. Trail head area is near Margs Draw Trail head.
Mystic Pig Tail TrailEasy1.3 miles depending on route, Approx 1 hour 15 minAn easy hike close to Sedona when time is an issue or you want a nice walk for exercise. Although it is close to homes in Mystic Hills Subdivision, you will cross the creek washes and see nice rock formations. The trailhead starts near Chapel of the Holy Cross. Not a trail for you, if you want a wilderness hike.
Old Post TrailModerate4.6 miles, Approx 2 hrs 45 minsHike on part of the historic old mail delivery road during the horse and buggy era. It is easy to reach and has nice views of the Sedona Area, although you are at times close to urban areas and will see some power lines. It gives appreciation to "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". Taking horses or mules over this terrain could not have been easy.
Overlook Point TrailModerate400 feet, Approx 10 minA short, quick, hike and the easiest vortex site to get to. Overlook Point has breathtaking views of the entire Sedona area. This is a Vortex area. Shares trail head area with Airport Loop and Brewer Trail.
Powerline Plunge TrailModerate3.0 Miles, Approx 2 hours.Power Line Plunge Trail is a good bike trail going downhill northeast to southwest and is a connecting trail for the newest hikes added in Sedona. We measured a 239 foot elevation change. Shares a trailhead area with Crusty, Javelina, Grand Central, Ant Hill, Coyote and Adobe Jack trails.
Pump House WashModerate1.0 miles, Approx 1.0 hourNot a trail, but an adventure. Rock and boulder hopping with some really neat cliff walls and cold water pools.
Purtymun TrailHard2.18 Miles, Approx 2 Hours 45 MinThis is a steep trail with switchbacks going up the east side of Oak Creek Canyon. The hike path is quite narrow all the way to the top, but you will be rewarded with panoramic views of Oak Creek Canyon. You have to be sure footed and not afraid of walking along the edge of the canyon wall most of the way. The trail has a couple of areas that have numerous rocks of different sizes to climb over.
Rabbit Ears Base TrailModerate7.4 miles RT, approx. 3 hours 40 minsRabbit Ears has no official trail, but takes you to within 500 meters or 1500 feet of the base of the Rabbit Ears formation. You come out on a multi-level slick rock area where you can explore or just sit to take in amazing views all the way back to the city of Sedona. Bring your lunch for additional time to gaze. The last part of the trail is the most challenging as you hike up the creek bed with higher walls on either side, but it is very doable. We measured a 520 foot elevation change. Shares a trailhead with Courthouse Butte Loop trail.
Rabbit Ears TrailModerate5.5 Miles, Approx 3 hours.This trail will take you near, but not to the Rabbit Ears Formation. You will also see a slickrock wash area. Rabbit Ears shares a trailhead area with Jack's Canyon Trail.
Red Rock CrossingEasy8 miles. Approx 1 hour.This is not really a trail but we thought we have enough questions on where to find Buddha beach and where the location of the iconic Cathedral Rock over the water picture is to merit including it in the app. So what we’ve done here is given you an easy to follow map and directions so you can enjoy these two famous locations plus it is a great stroll along Oak Creek as well. Currently there is a fee to enter the Crescent Moon Day use area.
Red Rock Loop TrailModerate4.0 miles, Approx 2 hours 40 minsEnjoy the views from the edge of Scheurman Mountain. Take in the sights from a stone bench on the red rock ledges. Sit and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Perhaps ponder why they called this a loop :)
Ridge TrailModerate3.8 Miles, Approx. 3 Hours 20 Min.This hike is on the hard side of moderate due to a couple of elevation changes. Great views while hiking a narrow ridge on the side of Airport Mesa close to town. It can be a two car hike. Leave a car at the end (just up Chavez Ranch Road a bit from the trailhead sign) of the hike for a one way hike or hike back the way you came. This trail shares a trailhead area with Carroll Canyon, Table Top, Old Post and Bandit trails. We measured approx. a 280 foot elevation change.
Roundabout TrailModerate2.5 mile loop, approx. 2 hours.Take this new trail which loops around to see panoramic red rock views and a small canyon with interesting features. An extra treat is the marked flora at the beginning of the hike. We recorded a 120 foot elevation change.
Scheurman Mountain TrailModerate2.6 miles, Approx 2 hoursTop of the mountain views (Scheurman Mountain)! Your reward for climbing the mountain are the beautiful views of Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Oak Creek, and red rock country surrounding Sedona.
Schnebly Hill TrailHard4.8 Miles. Approx 3 hours.Expansive views on top of the Mogollon Rim with the Schnebly Hill area to the north and the Jacks Canyon area to the south. Munds Mountain Trail starts where this trail ends. You can continue to hike part of Munds Mountain Trail, but it is very steep with loose sand and rock. This trail has a 900 foot elevation change.
Scorpion-Pyramid Loop TrailModerate4.5 Miles Round Trip, Approx 3 hours.Panoramic red rock views, with a compelling view of Cathedral Rock as you work your way around a pyramid formation. A grove of Ocotillo also makes for great scenery. We measured a 436 ft elevation change.
Secret Canyon TrailModerate4 miles (The first 2 miles of a 5.5 mile trail one way), Approx Secret Canyon is remote with plenty of breath taking red rock views as you elevate into the Canyon. A high clearance vehicle is needed to get to the trailhead. You will cross Dry Creek streambed as you proceed up the Canyon for a delightful hike. Hike the first 2 miles of the 5.5 mile trail as we did or go further for a longer hike up into the pine trees. A High clearance vehicle is recommended. Shares trail head area with David Miller Trail.
Secret Slickrock TrailEasy.4 of a mile, .8 round trip 24 mins one way.This is a simple short little hike to view the backside of Cathedral Rock and if done in wetter times a nice collection of pools in the slickrock. We measured a 79 foot elevation change.
Sedona (Raven) CavesEasy.3 of a mile. The time climbing and exploring the cave will varyAlso known as Raven caves. An easy, quick trail to a very fun experience exploring all the different cave caverns, which overlooks Oak Creek below. Don’t stop at the first two cave openings. Keep going to the last cave for a peaceful space to enjoy the view. Hike down to Oak Creek to see the cave openings from a lower viewpoint. We measured a 68 foot elevation change.
Shamans Cave-Robbers RoostEasy1.0 miles, Approx 1.0 hoursA cave in the side of the Robbers Roost red rock butte. The cave is reputed to have been used by robbers and bandits and is still used by new age adherents and medicine men (Shamans). This trail is also known as the Robbers Roosts Trail.
Sketch-Ridge Loop TrailModerate2.6 miles round trip, approx 2 hours.A delightful easy to moderate hike from a ledge on the eastern rim of Carroll Canyon. Splendid views of iconic red rock formations such as Bell and Courthouse Butte among many others. In Spring the daisies are abundant as you loop around. We measured a 285 foot elevation change.
Skywalker Loop TrailModerate3.9 Miles, approx 3 hours.This trail connects with Old Post and Herkanham to make a loop. A bench is located on an overlook approx. 1/3 of the way into the hike. You can take Skywalker trail out where it ends at Old Post Trail and back again, but hiking the loop approximately the same distance gives you knew and changing eye pleasing views. We measured a 247 foot change in elevation.
Smoke TrailEasy.7 of a Mile, Approx 40 Mins.Smoke Trail is a short, easy, beautiful hike along the flowing waters of Oak Creek. Cathedral Rock can be seen off in the distance as you start the trail. Smoke Trail takes you to the start of Eagle's Nest, another gorgeous hike in Red Rock State Park worth hiking. A fee will be required to enter Red Rock State Park. We measured a 35 foot elevation change. Shares a trailhead area with Eagle's Nest, Bunkhouse, Kisva and House of Apache Fire trails.
Soldier Pass Arches TrailModerate3.0 Miles. Approx 2 hoursDevil's Kitchen sinkhole, the Seven Sacred Pools, and the Soldier Pass Arches, not to mention spectacular views make this a very interesting trail. There is a 400 foot elevation change. Shares trailhead with Soldier Pass and Teacup trails.
Soldier Pass Cave TrailModerate4.6 miles round trip. The time climbing and exploring the cave wOverall we rated this trail Moderate but the climbing into the cave could be considered Hard by some. This is a loop trail. One trail up and come back by Soldier Pass trail. We measured a 486 foot elevation change. Shares a trailhead with Soldier Pass Trail.
Soldier Pass TrailModerate4.4 miles, Approx 3 hrsAmazing large sinkhole, Seven Sacred Pools, and gorgeous views from the top. Shares trailhead with Soldier Pass Arches and Teacup trails.
Sterling Pass TrailHard2.2 miles, Approx 2-2.5 hours RT.Hike almost straight up to see gorgeous white and red cliffs for views of Oak Creek Canyon, with interesting rock formations that change in dimension as you hike. From the top, at the saddle, you can hike another .85 miles to see Vultee Arch if you choose. Just download it prior to hiking so GPS will make it easier to find the Arch. We stopped at the saddle. A great hike. We measured an 1155 foot elevation change.
Submarine Rock TrailEasy2 miles, Approx 1 hourClimb up and explore the top of Submarine Rock, which is name appropriate. You will see interesting rock formations, the Devil's Dining Room Sink Hole and wonderful views on this easy, fun trail. Shares trail head area with Broken Arrow Trail.
Subway Cave TrailModerate4.8 miles round trip, 4 to 5 hours depending time spent at the cShares a trailhead with Boynton Canyon Trail. We rated this trail Moderate to Hard due to the short final climb up to the cave, but it can be done as a moderate. We measured a 460 foot elevation change.
Sugarloaf Loop Summit TrailModerate2.2 miles, Approx 1 to 1.5 hrsAn easy to moderate climb to the top of a butte and your reward is excellent views, then back down again through varied terrain. Shares trail head area with Coffee Pot Rock Trail.
Sunrise TrailEasy1.4 miles, Approx 50 minA very easy trail that could be strolled anytime during the day while viewing the plant life along the paved trail and red rock formations in the distance.
Table Top TrailModerate3.8 Miles, Approx 2 hours.Table Top trail takes you to the tip of a knob on Airport Mesa. It offers wide open views standing at the top of a formation which is said to be a vortex site. Breathtaking views of numerous plateaus, especially radiant as the sun peaks over these formations with an unobstructed sight line over the beauty of the Sedona area. Shares a trailhead area with Carroll Canyon, Bandit, Old Post and Ridge Trails. There is approx. a 330 foot elevation change.
Teacup TrailModerate3.2 Miles, Approx 2 hours.Teacup Trail offers a hike close to Sedona where you will see the Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole, Coffee Pot Rock, and the beautiful spires that house Teacup rock formation. At times you will see houses, but when you are around the base of Coffee Pot it is a definite country feel. Tea Cup shares a trailhead with Sugar Loaf Trail. We measured a 300 foot elevation change.
Telephone TrailHard2.4 Miles, Approx 4 hours.A favorite hike, highlighted by the most interesting reef rock formation. The formation formed peep holes that you can look through and view Oak Creek canyon walls from a very unique perspective. This hike is varied and very steep in places, so plan on pacing yourself. We measured a 1045 foot elevation change.
Templeton TrailModerate7.0 Miles, Approx 4 hours.See some of the more famous sites, Bell and Cathedral Rock and go alongside the water of Oak Creek, adding to the variety of this hike. You will have redrock views and walk redrock ledges plus enjoy the sounds of running water. Shares a trailhead area with Bell Rock. There is approx. a 300 foot elevation change.
Thomas Point TrailHard2.4 Miles, Approx 3 hours.This trail on the east wall of Oak Creek Canyon was once used to walk horses down to visit Oak Creek after the 4 to 5 hour wagon ride from Flagstaff. The wagons were left on top. It boasts sheer white cliff views. You can explore the forested bluff once on top, along with more exceptional views of the valley below. Trail has a 900 ft. elevation change. Shares trailhead area with West Fork Trail.
Thunder Mountain TrailModerate3.1 miles for the loop, Approx 3 hours.Views of Thunder Mountain (Capital Butte) and Chimney Rock. You will walk along the base of Thunder Mountain where you will see cliff views, buttes, and beautiful plant and tree habitation. The trail then ascends higher for more outstanding scenery and varied rock formations. It is close to downtown Sedona, so it is easy to reach. You can see the Amitabha Stupa peace park with prayer flags flying in the distance at the lower elevations of the trail. We measured a 279 foot elevation change.
Turkey Creek TrailHard6.4 Miles, Approx 4 hours.Hike to the top of House Mountain where you will see fantastic aerial views. The trail is more remote than most with gorgeous red rock formations throughout. Pack a lunch for a day hike you will not forget. This shares a trailhead area with Twin Pillars Trail. There is approx. a 650 foot elevation change.
Twin Pillars TrailModerate2.3 miles, Approx 1.5 hours.It is clear to see why the Sedona Hikes authors named this hike Twin Pillars. The two formations are predominant on the hike as well as a very gorgeous panoramic view of the area. You will be on top of a redrock saddle overlooking the area with the Twin Pillars in view. There is approx. a 300 foot elevation change.
Two Fences TrailEasy3.4 Miles. Approx 2 hours.Hike this simple and easy trail to be in a backcountry setting, but close to Sedona. You will literally hike between two fences separating a subdivision on one side and public land on the other. This shares a trailhead area with Arizona Cypress Trail. There is approx. a 180 foot elevation change.
Vultee Arch TrailModerate3.6 miles approx 2.25 HoursHike through a beautiful canyon to see Vultee Arch Rock Formation and a Historical marker commemorating the plane crash of Gerald Vultee and his wife. Gerald was a pioneer in aviation and the plaque location is placed nearby to where their plane crashed. A High clearance vehicle is recommended. Shares trail head area with Bear Sign Trail.
West Fork TrailModerate6.4 miles, Approx 4 hrs 30 minThis trail is a must-do for nature lovers. It takes you alongside a stream in the midst of towering trees and brightly colored canyon walls. The magnificent beauty and calming effect of the surroundings has made this trail a favorite for hikers. (A fee is charged to park)
White Mesa TrailHard5.6 miles, Approx 4.5 hours.Climb to the top of an expansive mesa for views to the south and mountains to the west. Hike a few extra feet off the trail to enjoy the scenery and sounds of Beaver Creek. This hike also offers a look at petroglyphs on a large rock before the trail becomes steep and narrow going up the canyon wall. Shares trailhead area with Apache Maid and Bell trail. We measured a 1033 foot elevation change.
Wilson Canyon TrailModerate2.4 Miles. Approx 1 hourHike along an alluring canyon floor on this fun, family friendly trail. The reward is scenic cliffs on three sides and a view from the top.
Wilson Mountain NorthHard5 miles, Approx 3 hrsClimb the north face of Wilson Mountain, the highest in the area. You can see Encinoso Waterfall if there is spring runoff or a hard rain at the .25 mile mark. Continue on up another .75 miles of tree covered forest, where you will then hike a half mile of steep, narrow, scree covered trail. After this hard part of the trail, you are rewarded with outstanding views of Mount Humphrey north of Flagstaff and the entire Sedona area just a few yards beyond the end of the trail. We measured a 1585 ft elevation change.
Wilson Mountain South TrailHard11 Miles, Approx. 9 hours.A truly stunning hike worthy of the effort to climb to the highest mountain top in the Sedona area. Your reward is sweeping views as far as the eye can see. Plan on an early start for this 11 mile round trip hike boasting an elevation change of 2500+ feet. The last half mile will take you to the Sedona Overlook on the south side of Wilson Mountain. We measured an elevation change of 2539 feet.
Woods Canyon TrailModerate5.8 miles, approx 4 hoursWoods Canyon is an easier hike except for the distance and a couple small elevation changes. This hike ends at Dry Beaver Creek where you can sit and enjoy the running water amid the trees and vegetation. Spring is especially nice with many wildflowers. Pack a lunch to eat by the water. We measured a 252 foot elevation change.
Yucca TrailModerate2 Miles, approx 90 mins.Enjoy hiking in the unique cavernous high dirt walls before coming out into the open as you work your way up to fabulous views of red rock formations in all directions. One of the easier moderate hikes. Yucca shares a trailhead area with Canyon of Fools Trail. We measured a 210 foot elevation change.